Introducing Adam Yamey


 Adam Yamey in Albania, 2016


 Hello! Let me introduce myself!


I was born in London (UK) in 1952 soon after my parents had arrived there from South Africa, where they were born.


After attending schools in North London, I was awarded degrees in physiology and dentistry from University College London. I began writing long after starting work as a general dental practitioner.


You could say that I am an 'author-dentist'


A keen traveller, I have travelled to many places including Southeast Europe, Central Europe, South Africa, and Southern India.


Many of my books, both fiction and non-fiction, borrow experiences from my travels. 


In addition to the books described on this website, I have published numerous scholarly (and less scholarly) articles on diverse subjects ranging from the history of dentistry to playing cricket in Albania. 


I am married, and we have one daughter.