An entertaining book to allay the fears of the medically phobic



When the author, Adam Yamey, found that he was unable to urinate, he did nothing at first because of his fears of undergoing medical treatment. Eventually, when he did seek medical assistance, he had to undergo many medical interventions, which he had dreaded the thought of ever having to endure, To his great surprise, all of his anxieties were for nothing. The procedures, which he had dreaded having to suffer, were far more acceptable and free of discomfort than he would have ever dared to imagine. This, and the many questions asked by his male acquaintances, led Adam to write this book, whose aim is to attempt to allay the fears of those who consider themselves phobic about medical interventions, such as: catheterisation, cannulation, operation, and radiation.

Whether or not you fear medical treatment, this is an amusing look at hospital treatment through the eyes of a patient. 

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