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The people of Albania achieved independence in 1912, having endured several centuries of Ottoman domination. After the First World War, they lived under a series of dictatorships beginning with that of King Zog. He was followed by Mussolini, and then by Hitler. They were 'liberated' by the Communist partisans at the end of the Second World War, only to be subjected to yet another dictatorship. This was led by Enver Hoxha. During his 30 year 'reign' Albania became even more impenetrable to outside observers than North Korea is today.


Hoxha rejected his close allies - first, the Soviet Union, and then the People's Republic of China. Wishing his country to be self-sufficient, he successfully isolated Albania from the rest of the world.


In this book about Albania, published to celebrate 100 years of Albania's independence, Adam Yamey describes how his almost obsessive interest in the country developed and what he discovered about life inside the country's closely guarded, tightly sealed borders when he managed to visit it in 1984, the last year of Enver Hoxha's life. 



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