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 Thank you Adam Yamey for sharing your love of Yugoslavia with everyone. What a delight this was to read. This is a travel journal of pre-war torn Yugoslavia and also a light history lesson. My mother's father was of Serbian origin so I found the descriptions of the foods, places, and music especially riveting. I also really enjoyed the descriptions and histories of all the places. I am giving this five stars and putting it on the best reads pile. I recommend this to anyone with any kind of an interest in the Balkans, Serbia, Croatia, etc. This is one for the arm chair traveler or for anyone with an interest in the region and its culture.

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I first bought the Kindle version of this book and then purchased the paperback to send to my mother. Adam Yamey's accounts of pre-war Yugoslavia will resonate with expats and anyone who has traveled through its unspoilt countryside and vibrant towns. Yugoslavia as we knew it is gone forever, but Adam's prose brings it back to life - albeit with tinges of sadness.

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I would like to highly recommend Scrabble with Slivovitz as a page turner and an honest and sympathetic account of the peoples and the times the author spent travelling within former Yugoslavia in the 1970s and 1980s. The book gave me a nostalgic feel for what the country used to be like, and the spirit and hospitality of the people living within the former Republics of Yugoslavia (Serbia and Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia, Croatia and Slovenia), and, in particular, the author's lengthy stays in and returns to Belgrade. It also portrays the country's diversity and underlying contradictions embodied in the temperament of its people. I am a native of former Yugoslavia and felt that the book portrayed the sense of loss we all experienced with the country's violent disintegration in the 1990s Wars, the signs of which might have been more visible to a keen visitor and traveller to that country. I found the final chapters particularly moving. The title of the book is also very appropriate for the story which Adam Yamey tells. I believe that any reader will gain an original insight into the landscape and culture of the region.

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