The small town in the former Orange Free State,

where much of  the action in ROGUE OF ROUXVILLE takes place.



NB 'Basutoland' is now known as 'Lesotho'




 Rouxville [i] lies in the south-eastern corner of the (Orange) Free State (see sketch map above). It is the first town reached in the (Orange) Free State after leaving Aliwal North in the Cape Province (formerly the Cape Colony). It is 34 kilometers north of Aliwal. In 1863 mail from the Cape Colony to the Orange Free State was directed via Zuurbult Farm due to irregularities at Aliwal North. In that year Petrus Wepenaar founded a town on this farm's land, and named it Rouxville in honour of Rev. Pieter Roux, a peripatetic Christian clergyman. Then, Rouxville was a centre servicing the local cattle and sheep farmers, as it is today. It became, in the late 19th century, the most important settlement in this corner of the Orange Free State and a seat of government for the district [ii]. The town still exists. It had a deserted feel about it when the author of ROGUE OF ROUXVILLE visited the place briefly in 2003. (Note by Adam Yamey).

[i] Current African name: Role-Lea Thunya.

[ii] Information about Rouxville's history from Rouxville's website & Wikipedia .